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Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Theatrical Director, Performer & Playwright 
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Author K.P. Lynne, known as the quintessential writer, has been skillfully writing stories, biographies, stage plays, songs, poetry, feature articles and more since she could barely crawl, reading by age 2, writing by age 3 and earning a Young Author Award by age 8, Karen Lynne, had an article internationally published at age 11 and began interviewing athletes, scientists, astronauts and entertainment professionals for community newspapers by age 12. To date, K.P. Lynne has written successful touring family stage plays, original songs, marketing materials, web content, liner notes and now has the best selling children's books Litty Kitter the Cat, the E-Z Reads Edition and Litty Kitter Is Kitty Litter Spelled Backwards, with a bonus CD narrated by Emmy Award Winning Actor Joe Alaskey of Looney Tunes fame! K.P. Lynne has teamed up with Author R.J. Modell for a unique book about a very special friendship, Hock E. Puck Meets Hock E. Stick and she is editing and packaging a book of short stories for adults written by Joe Alaskey, the best selling author of That's Still Not All Folks. K.P. Lynne and R.J. Modell write words of wisdom and quotations that have been viewed millions of times world wide on social media outlets such as Facebook, Google, Word Press, Pinterest and Think Big Sundays With Marsha oTwitter. K.P. Lynne is a blogger and social media specialist for small businesses. A talented and versatile vocalist, she has performed music for Midwest audiences as Singer/Songwriter Kroozin Karen and done extensive work in live theatre. 
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Children's Book About Cats
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 "Litty Kitter Is Kitty Litter Spelled Backwards By K.P. Lynne"
Narrated By Emmy Award Winning Actor Joe Alaskey
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